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Meet Julie - Hospital safety whistleblower

Julie Griffin, Florida registered nurse. She was fired from her job in a Florida hospital for reporting safety issues that caused the wrongful death of at least two patients. The hospital's response was to fire her. If Florida did not have a free kill law, perhaps the hospital would have been forced to respond to her complaint the monitors that were positioned in a way where nursing staff could not see all of the patients assigned them simultaneously, or to the frequently unsafe nurse to patient ratios, especially in the ICU. With a free kill law in place, they are able to weigh the risk in an unfavorable light to patient safety, yet favorable to their corporate pocketbooks.

These anti-life laws must end.

We the people are tired of corporate budgets being favored by the law over the value of human life.

Julie Griffin reached out to Florida Medical Rights Association to point out a clear alignment in our missions. We welcomed her to our bi-weekly meeting and she shared directly from her heart. We welcome you to listen and learn more. To attend our zoom meetings, register on our website and you will receive a calendar invitation. We meet on the first and third Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST.

Read Julie Griffin's full story on the Hospital Watchdog.


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