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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

– Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Two daughters of wrongful death victims have joined forces to start a heartfelt grassroots movement to change the Wrongful Death Act (Free Kill Law) in the state of Florida.


Debbie Sowden and Melody Page, met due to the formation of their own individual

campaigns (Unspoken Voice and Dad's Daisies) for seeking justice in the wrongful death of their respective fathers due to gross medical errors.


Ironically though they were in different hospitals, both of their dads were victims of death by medical error within 30 days of each other, late 2016.  The circumstances of each were very different yet the same truth rang:  Florida's Free Kill Law, Statute 768.21(8) would not allow either of these adult children to file a grievance in a court of law and the hospital staff members and doctors responsible were not at all corrected.  The bottom line:  Nobody would be held accountable for committing errors that caused their deaths.


On further investigation, they both learned more disappointing truth:  The Constitutional rights of about 15 million Floridian's are denied in under the 1st and 14th Amendments.   


The right to file a grievance in a court of law and the right to pursue the preservation of life are both denied in Florida if you are:  


  • Unwed and childless

  • Unwed with child(ren) only over age 24

  • A parent of an adult child

  • An adult child over age 24

  • A sibling

  • The heir or estate representative of the wrongfully deceased by medical error.


The two daughters bonded quickly, sharing many personal beliefs, a kindred spirit, and the burning desire to right the wrong of Florida Statute 768.21(8).  With complementary skill sets and determination, they began advocating together across social media and called on legislators across the state.  Along the way, they met many individuals who shared the same unfortunate circumstances of unaccounted for loss of family by medical error causing wrongful death.  


Together they founded Florida Medical Rights Association, a Florida non-profit in the process of filing for 501c(4); in order to persist in forwarding change.  


Along with their highly committed Board of Directors, each with the same passion, these "Two Daughters" aim to lead the way in changing this antiquated and barbaric law, thereby making Florida a safer place for all health care recipients.  Their goal is to see Florida as a state where hospitals are accountable for patient safety, human life is valued over profit and families have the right to stand up for ones they love when they have been victim to death by medical errors.



Please support our cause to change Florida Statute 768.21(8)

Sincerely, Melody Page, Debbie Sowden, Hayley Hassan,

Jordan Dulcie, Glenn Compton & Mary Compton

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