Florida Statute § 768.21(8) denies unmarried adults without minor children equal protection under the law and deprives the survivors of these individuals of their right to access the courts for redress as enumerated by the Florida Constitution in the case of medical negligence causing death.

The Florida Free Kill law is unconstitutional and

fails to equally value the lives of all Floridians

What can you do to help change Florida's Free Kill Law?

We meet every other Thursday at 7:00 PM EST via Zoom Video. During this meeting we collaborate, strategize, and work on tasks that move us closer to ending Florida's Free Kill law. 

Current Bills filed for 2022

HB 6011 & SB 262 to eliminate Free Kill for the loss of an adult child 

HB 6039 & SB 560 to eliminate Free Kill for the loss of a parent

In addition, we support one another to manage this unique unresolved grief. It is challenging when nobody is held accountable for the victim. We also provide information on filing complaints and discuss our loved ones circumstances. In our Zoom room you will find an emotionally supportive environment filled with people who can relate to your loss.

Pre register for meetings and Zoom will provide you with an email containing the login information: JOIN US

If you would like to tell us about your loss, learn more about where it can be published, learn more about our meetings just want to chat... we know what you are going through. 
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