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Florida Senate Postpones Bill to Repeal Free Kill

After the companion bill (6011) passed its first committee in the Florida House, the Senate Bill 262 was added to the agenda to be heard on January 31st in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This was the first time ever, since the inception of the law, that the Senate actually agreed to hear the voice of the people on the topic of the Wrongful Death Act. It was inspiring for many people, as some, like Jerry Purpura, who lost his daughter over 10 years ago, would have had the chance to be heard in an official manner for the first time. These bills together, if they had passed, would have repealed half of Florida's Wrongful Death Act, the part pertaining to the loss of an adult child.

14 Advocates who had been personally affected by this law had either arrived or were en route to Tallahassee on Sunday, January 30th when the Florida Senate reached out to tell FMRA members that the