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Florida Free Kill Case Highlighted by Hospital Watchdog

Hospital Watchdog, a national and reputable publication has turned their eyes toward's Florida's Free Kill law. The online magazine has astringent policies that require solid proof in order to publish every story. Under normal conditions, they won't take on a story unless there is a documented court case involved. Under Florida's Free Kill law, there are no court cases tied to the victims, because that in itself is the very problem. Survivors of victims who were subjected to death by medical negligence do not have equal protection under Florida's Statute §768.21(8) if they are over age 25 and unmarried, with no minor children.

Reporter Bob Aller was compelled to tell the story of Sabrina Davis' father, Keith Davis, because of the overwhelming evidence she was able to compile and provide as a skilled nursing professional. Not only did he accept her evidence, but he took the next step of bringing the case to Hospital Watchdog, who investigated even further. Mr. Davis is a proven case of medical negligence causing death. Brandon Regional Hospital (an HCA for profit hospital) in Tampa, Florida held Mr. Davis for 5 days without ever diagnosing a DVT in his leg. The symptoms were classic and both he and his daughter Sabrina even requested the appropriate diagnostic techniques, but were refused. To make matters worse, HCA staff withheld medications prescribed by his physician that could have saved his life.

Sabrina's father was single and she is over the age of 25 years old. Despite her complaints to the hospital, they have taken no action to redirect the medical personnel responsible. Due to her age, there is nothing she can do to get justice for the inappropriate negligence related to her father's death. As the doctors move on with their lives, Sabrina Davis moves forward, becoming very active in advocating for a change in Florida's Free Kill law, for the safety of all Florida residents.

Below is the documented response Sabrina received from Brandon Regional's attorney, as quoted by Bob Aller in his article DVT: Failure To Diagnose, Death for Navy Veteran:

On January 15, 2021, attorney Tracy Falkowitz wrote to Ms. Davis:

“Brandon Regional Hospital insists that you cease and desist all such activities to defame the hospital and tortiously interfere with business practices. Should you have any questions regarding liability for any future postings or defamatory comments regarding Brandon Regional Hospital, I urge you to retain your own personal counsel.”

Attorney Tracy Falkowitz, Source: lawyers.comMs. Falkowitz followed up with another letter dated February 23, 2021. “Further, it is my understanding that despite my prior notice, you have continued to post inflammatory and defamatory statements in social media. Please know that this is the final notice to cease and desist this activity. Should you continue to do so, my client will consider action against you for same.”

After Keith Davis died, Brandon Hospital management did not offer any condolences to Mr. Davis’ family. However, it seems management did feel a need to attempt to silence Sabrina Davis.

Knowing Sabrina personally, I can tell you, she will not be silenced about the wrongful death of her father. No one should have to endure such an event without access to a court of law, as is the constitutional right of every American citizen. The Florida Medical Rights Association hosts bi-weekly meetings to support the victims families and strategize on advocating for change. Sign up to attend and learn what you can do to participate via Zoom here:


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