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United we stand - Your voice is needed to repeal Florida's Free Kill law

"Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful Committed Citizens Can Change The World: Indeed It'S The Only Thing That Ever Has." Margaret Mead.

For the first time in the history of Florida, there are four bills (two in the House and two in the Senate) that collectively equate to a full repeal of Florida's Free Kill law. The people have finally been heard. Thousands of human lives have been needlessly lost to medical errors. Countless members of our affected community have called on legislators to end this outdated discriminatory law. But the loophole allowing medical practitioners to choose if a patient lives or dies when negligence occurs is not over until these bills pass and become law.

Bill number



HB 6011

Representative Roach

To repeal free kill as it pertains to the loss of a child

SB 262

Senator Anna Maria Rodriguez

To repeal free kill as it pertains to the loss of a child

HB 6039

Representative Hinson

To repeal free kill as it pertains to the loss of a parent

SB 560

Senator Anna Maria Rodriguez

To repeal free kill as it pertains to the loss of a parent

The four bills that have been submitted only came about because so many people have requested change state wide. One voice alone is not often heard amongst a crowd of millions. Now in order to pass, these bills must first be heard in various committees in Tallahassee.

Last year the Florida Chamber sent a letter to all of the Florida House Representatives declaring that if they moved the bill forward, they would be docked ranking points. The House Reps stood by the people in a house floor vote that overwhelmingly (99 to 16) supported people over corporations.

The Senate, on the other hand, stood by big Insurance and big hospital corporations and never let the bill be heard on committee floors. There are controlling members of the Senate (President Wilton Simpson) who believe the matter of Florida's Free Kill law is an insurance issue. He does not realize that these are pro human life bills and addressing patient safety.

What if you could change this law with only 9 phone calls? Would you do it? Here is your chance

If you have been affected by this law, please tell the Senate President, Wilton Simpson, your story and ask him to value human life over corporate interests. His number is (850) 487-5010 and email is

Then, call the below 8 legislators who sit at the heads of the committees where the bills will (or will not) be heard. Often calls are not returned. More often nobody even answers the phone. If enough people call, leave messages and send emails, and the ask is repetitive, we will be heard as one unified voice.

House of Representatives CHAIR Civil Justice: Representative Wyman Duggan (R)

District Office District 15

Unit 6 Part of Duval

4070 Herschel Street

Jacksonville, FL 33210

(904) 381-6011

Legislative Aide:

District Aide:

VICE CHAIR: Representative Mike Beltran (R)

District Office District 57

3618 Erindale Drive Part of Hillsborough

Valrico, FL 33596

(813) 653-7097

Legislative Aide:

District Aide:

House of Representatives CHAIR Judiciary: Erin Grall (R)

District Office District 54

1801 27th St Suite B2-203 Indian River and Part of

Vero Beach, FL 32960 St. Lucie

(772) 778-5005

Legislative Aide:

District Aide:

VICE CHAIR: Cord Byrd (R)

District Office District 11

421 Third Street North Nassau and part of Duval

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

(904) 242-3495

Satellite Office: Robert M. Foster Justice Center

76347 Veterans Way

Yulee, FL 32097 (904) 548-9333

Legislative Aide:

District Aide:

REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE WHIP: Representative Tommy Gregory (R)

District Office District 73

5224 East State Rd 64 Part of Sarasota and

Bradenton, FL 34208 Manatee

(941) 708-5660

Legislative Aide:

District Aide:

Senate Judiciary CHAIR: Senator Danny Burgess (R)

District Office District 20

38507 Fifth Avenue Polk, Pasco, Hillsbrough

Zephyrhills, FL 33542

(813) 779-7059

District Legislative Assistants

Natalie Brown

Kimberly Simon

Jonathan Till

Tallahassee Legislative Assistant

VICE CHAIR: Senator Audrey Gibson (D)

District Office District 6

101 East Union Street, Suite 104 Duval

Jacksonville, Fl 32202

(904) 359-2553

District Legislative Assistants

Teresa Williams-Elam

Farisha Hamid

Tallahassee Legislative Assistant

Senate Banking and Insurance CHAIR: Senator Jim Boyd (R)

District Office District 21

717 Manatee Avenue W. Suite 100 Consists of Manatee

Bradenton, FL 34205 and part of Hillsborough

(941) 742-6445 counties

District Legislative Assistants

Kathy Galea

Jack Rogers

VICE CHAIR: Senator Doug Broxson (R)

District Office District 1

418 West Garden Street RM 404 Escambia, Santa Rose, and

Pensacola, FL 32502 parts of Okaloosa county

(850) 595-1036

District Legislative Assistants

Hal George

Janice Gilley


Victoria Bell


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