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Florida House & Senate discuss if it should be legal to kill (medically) in Florida

Literally speaking, in the State of Florida it is legal to kill by medical negligence, but only if the victim is age 25 or older, has no minor children, and is not married. As unethical as it sounds, Florida Statute 768.21, subsection 8 provides an opening for such occurrences. This little-known law closes the door that allows recompense for wrongful death in other forms (eg. car accident, police accident, etc.) only for the family of the wrongfully deceased with respect to medically negligent death for this class of people. In effect, hospitals are allowed to self-regulate since the law creates a scenario that makes it impossible for a family to take a hospital or medical provider to court if a negligent act on their part causes death to a victim in this class. We refer to these victims as "Free Kills." Florida is the only state with a law like this. With a growing senior population, each newly transplanted retiree is at risk, specifically those who are single or widowed.

"Free Kill"

Because to save the victim post medical error could lead to a costly lawsuit, but to let them die is free.