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HB 6051 - An end to Florida Free Kill

It brings me immense joy to announce that HB 6051 has been submitted by Florida House Representative Slosberg (D), of Boca Raton, to repeal Florida's Wrongful Death Act as it pertains to medical negligence. So much joy in fact, I cried for hours. I cried for my father (victim). I cried for you. I cried because I believe my prayers are on the way to being answered.

The bill is co-introduced by House Representatives John Cortes (D), Orlando; Even Jenne (D), Broward and Sam Killebrew (R), Polk. Each one of you have touched so many hearts with this news. Please know that we are behind you and fully intend to rally as much support as possible.

Florida's Free Kill law provides for zero accountability when medical negligence causes death for certain groups of people. These groups are: Unmarried adults with no minor children. We estimate approximately 15 million Florida residents qualify to be potential victims.

I created an online form letter to express our support. It takes less than one minute to sign and will be delivered to every in box of Florida Senators and House Representatives. Please, please please, if you live in Florida, know someone in Florida, love someone in Florida or just have a care...

If you want to do more than sign a letter, there is plenty! Soon we will be gathering in Tallahassee to walk the halls. I will make an announcement when we have dates. In the meantime, making a few calls will help forward the cause immensely.

So many people have come together to protest Florida's Wrongful Death Act a.k.a Free Kill Law. Nearly every day I hear from someone new who writes into the FMRA website saying "my loved one was a victim." There are many of us. It is both sad and despicable! To you: I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. I can't even imagine how many people are suffering on their own. Please, share this far and wide. With God and justice on our side, I pray that this is the end of Florida Free Kill.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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