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Meeting Request in an Open Letter to Florida Legislators

This is an open letter being sent to all Florida Senators, House Members and their Legislative Staff Members Via Email.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Florida Medical Rights Association would like to meet with you/your legislative representative as soon as possible. Our mission is to spread the word about the existence of Florida Statute 768.21.8 (the Wrongful Death Act) and perpetuate change for the safety of Florida residents and visitors. We have found that many public servants are completely unaware of this law which allows hospitals and medical practitioners a free pass when they accidentally kill an unmarried, childless person or a widowed person whose children are grown.

There is nobody who is allowed to fight for the patient rights of our 2.3 million college students nor our 6.8 million elderly population. With support from our followers, several legislators, the FJA and more, we fully intend to have this barbaric statute amended. Please allow an FMRA member 15 minutes of your time to provide you with information.

We would like to show you what we have learned about Florida's Free Kill Law and share the many voices of your constituents who would like this law to be changed.

To schedule a meeting with an available board member, please email


Board of Directors

Florida Medical Rights Association

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