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Florida Medical Rights Association - A Grassroots NonProfit for Changing Free Kill in Florida

Florida Medical Rights Association is a Florida Registered NonProfit born from the efforts of Dad's Daisies and Unspoken Voice. With support from all over the State of Florida, we have taken the next step and will soon become a full 501c4. Our mission is to have Florida's Wrongful Death Act amended.

We are happy to announce our new Board of Directors. A team of qualified individuals who truly believe in righting the wrongs of Florida's Free Kill Law.

Debbie Sowden - President

Melody Page - Chairwoman

Hayley Hassan - Vice President

Jordan Dulcie - Treasurer

Glenn Compton - Secretary

Mary Compton - Director

For further information on the F.M.R.A. Board of Directors, please click here.

We are in the process of bringing several projects into reality including:

*Billboard rentals near state line highway entrances with the message "Welcome to the Free Kill State"

*Silicone bracelets to hand out on college campuses and for sale on the website

*New literature to pass out to lawmakers

*Fundraisers to support our efforts

*Ability for visitors to donate through our new website:

Please sign our NEW LETTER to legislators

asking for an amendment to Florida Statute 768.21(8).

We have updated the information therein. It is very easy, simply enter your name and email address, then click send. This letter will automatically go to the inbox of each and every Florida Senator and Florida House of Representatives Member.

If you have recently submitted to let us know about your experience of wrongful death of a loved one in the sunshine state, please be patient. We are in the process of reviewing these for publication. If you have experienced losing a loved one to medical error and are unable to seek justice by filing in a court of law due to your relationship status with the individual being anything other than a marital parter or a minor child of the deceased, please let us know. We are collecting stories and building case files for raising awareness and submission to legal channels to support the need for changing the antiquated and barbaric Florida Statute 768.21(8).

Please tell us what happened: click here to fill in our contact form.

We appreciate your support. Thank you for your support. The life you save may be that of someone you love.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

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