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Hospital Induces Drug Overdose - Woman Dies - Florida Law Supports Hospital

Our Mom

Early January 2017 our Mom was preparing for a 7 day cruise with me (her Son) and she already had her bags packed to leave a week early. She was prescribed Wellbutrin which gave her extreme anxiety. I brought her to the emergency room where we sat for 9 hours in a exam room running test.

At 3 hours Mom was feeling fine and wanted to get back home but they kept her 9 hours. I went home to check in and when I returned, they had admitted her and instructed my Wife and I that they had accidentally overdosed her with Ativan and she was slipping into a coma and only time would tell if she would recovery.

Hospital admitted: They accidentally overdosed mom with Ativan

The next Morning We spoke with her Doctor and he informed us that they never should have given anyone with COPD Ativan. He said it is known to cause coma followed by death.

It was all downhill for Mom from that point forward. They moved her to ICU for the next couple weeks and continued to give her Wellbutrin which forced her further towards death. By January 22nd she was just the shell of the most loving and generous person anyone could hope to know. We finally stopped them from administering the drugs that were killing her but it was to late by then. Now they couldn't control her blood oxygen gases due to them waiting to long to stop the drugs that are never to be used with COPD patients.

She flatlined while my Wife and I standing there in complete horror and disbelief at the incompetence of the staff who had continued giving her drugs that contraindicated her condition and the suffering our Mom was having to go through. Her Doctor instructed us that she had died the 1st time when he was in her lungs doing an exploratory he must have torn a hole in her right lung 4 hours earlier.

Doctor Admits:

when doing an exploratory lung surgery

he must have torn a hole in her right lung

We instructed them to Not resuscitate and for the next 10 minutes we held her, crying, sobbing and begging Mom not to leave us.

We did not know at this point,

but they had forgot to turn off the blood oxygen gas machine.

Suddenly Mom began blowing up to a the size of a 400lb Sumo wrestler.

We went to call my Sisters in Maine and after a half an hour the Doctor came in and said Mom's heart started beating again.

Mom was able to stay alive on her own for a couple more day's. On January 27th 2017, Our Mom was finally able to have peace. We waited almost 3 weeks with Our Mom in cold storage waiting for the Release of her death certificate from the coroners office, but they kept refusing her Doctors reason for Death.

In the end they finally released Mom's body for cremation, and the cause of death they finally issued was "Smoking." There was no mention of the accidental torn hole in her lung, no mention of the overdose of sedatives that got her there in the first place.

Anger, Horror, Confusion, Helplessness, The Incredible Emptiness and Guilt that will never go away thanks to the Insane Laws here in Florida.

Thank You for listening to our Reality, and the injustice of No accountability due to the Free Kill Law in this State.

Love you All!

Michele and Louis Ward

St Petersburg Fl. 33711


Louis and his family are unable to hold the doctor and hospital for these errors that ultimately contributed to their mothers death because she lived in Florida. The wrongful death act (Florida statute 768.21, section 8) prohibits lawsuits unless you are the spouse of or child under age 25 of the deceased.

This means that their mom's doctor may also be doing exploratory surgery on you or your loved one next, and that he was not spoken to nor educated about how to correct his mistake. This means that the nurse who gave contraindicating drugs was not told not to do it again. This means the hospital is not accountable... but only because... it's Florida! Please sign our letter by clicking here to ask lawmakers to change this law for the safety of all Floridians.

Please call and educate your local Representatives

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