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Save one life, with one hour of your time

Raising Awareness on Florida's Free Kill

Share the loss of your Free Kill loved one in the letter to the editor section of your local newspaper. This can help raise awareness in your local community. Take it a step further and send it to AARP. AARP has a publication for seniors. If enough people send in letters, perhaps we can raise awareness to the Free Kill category of people who are considering a move to Florida. If you prevent even one person from visiting the Sunshine state or from moving here, you could save a life and a lot of heartaches.

Letters to AARP guidelines are as follows:

Your story should be submitted under the category for Relationships (Family matters, caregiving, grandparents). They should be written in the form of a personal essay and one page in length. Send your submission to: as plain text in the body of a message (not as an attachment).

For more details and other options on letters to AARP visit:


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