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Florida House Debates Free Kill

The Florida Free Kill Amendment made it to the Civil Justice Committee, sponsored by Florida House Representative Amy Mercado. It was attached to the latest med-mal Bill, a Medical Malpractice Tort Reform Bill, seeking to add caps to Florida malpractice cases, sponsored by freshman Florida House Representative Tommy Gregory.

The Free Kill Amendment did not pass, but the med-mal tort reform bill was forwarded on to the next steps.

Several House Representatives spoke out in support of amending Florida's Free Kill law including Anika Omphroy (D), Geraldine Thompson (D), and Mike Beltran (R).

I encourage you to watch the hearing, and know where your rep stands. Ask how this may affect you and become educated on the proposed new laws. Reach out to your local representative and vocalize your thoughts.

Watch the video here:

The Med Mal bill (PCB CJS 19-02) begins at 1:54:40

The Wrongful Death amendment discussion begins at 2:04:10

To read a copy of the actual bill, click here.

Watch for future blog posts to learn more. All votes on the Free Kill Amendment as well as a partial transcription and analogy is forthcoming.

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