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Where politicians stand on Florida Free Kill

Dear Families of Florida Free Kill Victims and Florida Medical Rights Association Supporters,

Election Day is near and while I would never tell anyone what to believe in or how to vote, I wanted to share with you which politicians have verbally committed to supporting a Bill to amend Florida's Free Kill Law and who has not.

We have reached out to many Senators and House Representatives. The vast majority have not responded. Several responded that they would be willing to meet if they were re-elected. A few months ago, we put the project on hold to resume post elections.

I ask that when you place your vote that you keep in mind which candidates are interested in protecting the lives of Floridians and which are not, regardless of their party affiliation. In my humble opinion, our political system is afflicted with much corruption. The best I can do is vote for people who support the issue that means the most to me, which is to change the Florida's Statute 768.21(8) to reflect the value of all human life. This Bill, when it comes to fruition needs bipartisan support.

Currently the statute states that in the case of medical malpractice causing death, only the spouse or minor child can bring forth a lawsuit. This means that anyone who is not married, widowed or divorced with no children or grown children are unprotected from medically negligent death.

Our solid supporters:

Senator Gary Farmer - Fort Lauderdale

House Representative John Cortez - Orlando

House Representative Tracy Davis - Jacksonville

Senator Bill Nelson - Statewide

A probable supporter:

House Representative Carlos Smith - Winter Park

Legislators who have at least agreed to a meeting to discuss Florida's Free Kill post election:

Senator Kevin Radar - Boca Raton

House Representative Chris Latvala - Dunedin

Governor candidate Andrew Gillum

House Representative Blaize Ingoglia - Pinellas

Legislators who oppose changing Florida Free Kill - and maintain that hospital profits are more important than the lives of Floridians:

Senator Rick Scott - Statewide

Governor candidate Ron DeSantis

If you happen to have any contacts who can set up meetings between legislators and FMRA team members, we would appreciate it!

God Bless each and every one of you!


Melody Page

Board Chair


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