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Current Florida Free Kill Victims

We are living in an age of change, a time where people are fed up with social injustices that often occur against American citizens in favor of for-profit corporations bottom line results. The medical industry is no stranger to this problem. While the medical profession is full of caring people, their success is overshadowed by a lack of accountability in the State of Florida that too often costs people their lives.

Florida's Wrongful Death Act, Statute 768.21(8) has not gotten much attention in recent years, until now. Over the past few weeks, two mainstream news outlets have published stories noting the current circumstances of two victims of this law.

Broward/Palm Beach New Times published this article:

Article summary:

Victim: 25-year-old Josh Dziedzic passed away at Palms West after a nurse allegedly removed a central catheter IV line improperly, causing his death. Mother, Barbara Dziedzic has filed a lawsuit due to the hospitals alleged concealing his death with a cover-up story, citing "Broken Heart Syndrome." as the cause of death. Florida's Free Kill Law currently stands in the way of this family's justice for the loss of their son, and brother. At the Florida Medical Rights Association, we hope to shed light on this issue and keep the family in our thoughts. May this case be a landmark for overturning this constitutionally unjust law.

Infographic showing a central line:

The Palm Beach Post published this article:

Article Summary:

Joyce Sirico claims that her doctor failed to tell her about a cancerous tumor that appeared on a scan in her lung last year. By the time she was officially diagnosed, cancer had spread to her bones. Sirico filed a malpractice suit in Palm Beach County Courts. Unmarried and with no children under the age of 25 she is officially a Florida Free Kill. Her pending trial may potentially take longer than Sirico has to see it through. If she passes before the trial has been formally judged upon, nobody in her life is allowed to stand up for her rights due to Florida's Wrongful Death Act. ‘We’re not all numbers, we have lives’ Sirico is quoted as saying in the article. In spite of her illness, she aims to create change in Florida. Florida Medical Rights Association admires Ms. Sirico for her strength at this trying time and hopes for her success.

Take this simple quiz to find out if you are a Florida Free Kill today.

If you find Florida's Free Kill Statute to be in need of change, kindly sign our petition requesting an amendment. When you sign, the form will auto send a copy of the letter to each and every politician in the State of Florida, except for the few who do not post an email address.

Please share this blog post to help Florida Medical Rights Association spread awareness about these travesties and encourage politicians to become aware and bring the victims swift justice in changing this Florida law. We also appreciate any donations or volunteer assistance.

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