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Michael Patrick Ryan - Another Florida Free Kill Victim's Story, Shared by His Sister, Kelly Ryan

Michael Patrick Ryan was an accomplished man who gave back to his community. Though he was a long-time Florida resident, he was not provided equal protection under the law. Grossly negligent medical malpractice errors took his life. His family is unable to seek justice because of the State's obscure discriminatory carve out known as the #WrongfulDeathAct, (§768.21(8)) which does not allow families of victims who are unmarried and have no minor children access to a court of law. We refer to this as #FloridaFreeKill since the offenders get off scot-free. For more information on this law, please visit

If Michael had been married or had minor children, his family would have been allowed to seek justice in a court of law. Being unmarried, his life is not allowed equal access. This law exists only in the State of Florida, where over 50% of the State's residents fall in this category.

In this video, his sister, Kelly Ryan, shares his story, and the errors that cost his life.


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