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Free Kill in Collier County Florida

Ms. Belinda Warren lost her mother in what she believes to be a medical error at a hospital in Collier County Florida.

Anywhere else in the USA, Belinda would have the option to bring her case to a court of law, but this is not an option for Belinda and her family in Florida. In this video she shares information about Florida's Free Kill law and the tragic loss of her mother to Collier County legislators during a public hearing.

"A court of law is the only unbiased entity we as American citizens have access to. We are entitled access to the courts under the US Constitution, but in the case of medical error only, in the sunshine State of Florida, only, we are denied access." says Melody Page of FMRA. "This law leaves medical practitioners completely unaccountable for medical errors with respect to all unmarried and childless adults in the state."