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Surgical Error - Denied Nutrition, Bled to Death- Florida Law Denies Daughter Right to Justice

Click here to view a video of Debbie Sharing her Story.

I watched my father bleed out and take his last breath due to several medical errors. Hospital administration admitted major mistakes were made in his care. I have very detailed documentation of his day to to day care, I have photographs I have taken of every life threatening event that he experienced, I have medical records that have been falsified by the hospital, I have an autopsy report proving things happened to my dad that are not accounted for in his records, hidden surgeries...etc. The cover up in his case goes beyond ridiculous. They failed to report his death and tried to get rid of his body.

Despite all the physical proof that I have, I can not hold the hospital responsible. Every lawyer tells me I have a case..but due to this clause, they can not help me. The doctors/hospital got away with murder. They tried to cover it up. They need to be held responsible. How do these doctors live with themselves? Has this become so normal in their everyday care of patients....that it doesn't even phase them? How many more families have to suffer? How many more nightmares do I need to endure? How many families are experiencing this same thing?

The Florida Wrongful Death Act (Florida Statutes 768.16-768.26) otherwise known as "Florida's Free Kill Law". This law protects doctors from being responsible for their malpractice. ​

Basically the law states, if you are not a spouse or a child under the age of 25, you can not file a medical malpractice claim of a loved one's death.

Think about it, if an individual is killed in a car accident, the person responsible for the death can be sued by the family for pain and suffering. But, if a doctor kills your loved one...they are protected.​

Let's try and make a change. Please sign my petition and the letter to Florida's Senators at Florida Medical Rights Association.

I will not stop. I made that promise to my father as he took his last breath.​

Debbie McGraw Sowden Tavares, FL

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