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2.3m College Free Kills in Florida

Everybody makes mistakes, it's just a fact of life. Sometimes mistakes, especially those made by health care workers cause the untimely death of patients. In Florida, 53% of those deaths by medical error fall into the category of a Free Kill.

In the state of Florida roughly 2.3 million young adults are are enrolled in college. According to Florida's Wrongful Death Act, there is zero accountability required if medical malpractice should occur causing the death of an unmarried, childless adult. Parents - If medical needs are present, I URGE YOU to send your child to college in another state. Florida is the ONLY state with this law. Choose a safe state, where medical accountability is present. Do not risk the accountability of their lives by sending them to a Florida University.

A court of law is the only organization that has the legal jurisdiction to access and put on trial the complete medical file of the individual killed by medical errors. Sure a claim can be filed with the AHCA or the Joint Commission but both organizations have jurisdiction only to address the overall hospital policies. The specific errors in the medical file will not be addressed by these organizations. An inspection of proper hand-washing and other policies is about the extent of what they are permitted to investigate.

Who then can address the failures which occurred leading to the death of an unmarried college student? Nobody in Florida, that's right, nobody (not parents, not siblings, not the estate). This is why Florida college students are in the category of Free Kills. Since there is no possibility of a lawsuit being filed against a hospital or other medical provider (including on campus clinics), it is free to kill them.

Medical error is currently the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Florida Medical Rights Association is on a mission to bring together the many families in Florida who have been affected by the lack of justice Florida statute 768.21(8) brings and change it.

With over 50,000 signatures collected in petitions and over 500 letters already sent to

Florida's Senate and House Representatives, we have gained much support and are moving forward rapidly. Please join us by adding your signature today.

Only a very small percentage of Florida college students are married or have children, a status which would make them exempt from this law. All others are subject to being a Florida free kill.

We urge all un-wed, childless college students to attain their education outside of the State of Florida, especially LGBT or students who may not plan to marry. Spend your Christmas Holiday break filing out transfer papers!

The Florida statute below bluntly states s that parents of an adult child may not sue in the case of medical malpractice. The only non biased agency that our 1st Amendment rights allow all Americans access to is denied in the case of malpractice in Florida. This law is unconstitutional, corrupt and we vow to have it changed. Join us today.

Click here to see the many faces of Florida's Free Kill.

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