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Learn about HB 6051 and what you can do to help ensure this Bill passes - to end Florida's Wrongful Death Act

a.k.a. Free Kill 

Read HB 6051 - Overview:  Florida Statute 768.21 describes who can file a lawsuit in the case of any type of wrongful death (car accident, police error, slip, and fall etc). Section 8 of this statute denies all family except a spouse or minor child from filing suit ONLY in the case of medical negligence causing death.  HB 6051 repeals this section as well as other sections that reference it.

Every House Bill goes on a journey before it reaches the floor, where it can be heard.  It must pass several committees and gain additional support.  When it is under review, it is helpful for citizens to reach out to committee members and ask them to put their support behind the Bill. Here, you will be able to see the journey of HB 6051

HB 6051 has a better chance of being passed if we can get it moved from the House of Representatives floor to the Senate floor, where it becomes a Senate Bill.  Call your area Senator and ask him or her if they would support the submitter and co-introducers of this bill. If possible, try to meet them in person.


They will likely ask you who is sponsoring the bill. The submitter is:  Rep Emily Slosberg (D)

Co-introducers are:  Rep John Cortes (D), Rep Evan Jenne (D) and Rep Sam Killebrew (R).

Of course, it is even better to call all Florida Senators and ask for their support.  If you are not up for that many phone calls, the most important ones to call on are the Republicans, because they are the Senate majority on the committees that will review this bill.

Don't know what to say?  If you score a phone or in-person meeting, download this document for a list for an easy explanation of the statute we want repealed and a few talking points

VIP CALL LIST - These are the most important people to have on board to pass HB 6051 from a strategic perspective.  I will update the file as needed and notify via email.

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