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Devan Tuttle, 41 y.o. Free Kill victim

A correct diagnosis could have saved Devon's life. She went to the emergency room with a headache, entrusting her life to the care of physicians who failed her.

A note from her mom, to all readers. From, Tina Eastman Tuttle:

I want to make it clear I did not want her to go to Bayfront in Spring Hill. As a travel nurse in Florida working in Hudson in the winter months, I knew their reputation. So many people said to me after “they kill people there “ Devan had Lupus which is complicated. No orders should have been given by phone. No one laid their eyes on her. They did not comprehend the urgency of her situation. The ball was dropped on her before she went in and then it became too late as she was a victim of their ignorance. No one ever talked to us. I was in such shock I was incapable of asking the right questions. When I was able no one gave me answers as they don’t have to. These stories need to get out there. This affects so many that have no clue they could be next. Residents and visitors of Florida We need outrage and change.

ABC Action News investigates further...

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