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Project Billboard - Lets Do It!

The FMRA team members have been working hard in the background gearing up for lobbying to change the Wrongful Death Act in Florida. In January, 2019 we aim to put up a billboard in Florida's capital, Tallahassee. The billboard will read this or similar (we will be taking votes on a few options):

Are You a Florida Free Kill?


to find out if you your death may be legally unaccounted for

in the case of wrongful or negligent death

during a hospital stay

We have secured the link and will be posting direct information about the statute on the URL.

We are still scouting locations and getting price quotes but it looks like it will cost about $2,000 per month, minimum. We would like it to be in place for at least 6 months, totaling about $12,000. The billboard will be designed to get the attention of legislators, and during the same time frame, our feet will be on the ground handing out information to Senators and House Reps regarding Florida Statute 768.21(8). We believe that many of them do not even know this law exists. Our goal is to educate them and make a huge impact.

We have now secured two ways that you can contribute and help us make this dream of educating Florida legislators a reality while they are in Tallahassee for next year's sessions. We believe that such a bold and to the point statement will let them know how serious we are about making change happen.

For it is in giving that we receive

Purchase the book Transforming Grief Through the Elements - A whopping 50% of the proceeds go directly to Florida Medical Rights Association, plus it just may help you or someone you love to manage and process their grief. The author's father died as the result of medical negligence in a Florida hospital.

Donate directly with a secure payment through PayPal. We have completed the filing to become a 501c4 and are a Florida registered nonprofit. Requests for our EIN number may be submitted here.

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