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The End of Florida Free Kill is Near

Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State, where doctors and medical facilities are not held accountable when their patients die due to medical errors they make that cause death.

Now as a full Florida Nonprofit in the process of becoming a 501c(4), Florida Medical Rights Association (formerly Dad's Daisies/Two Daughters) is making great strides. Since you haven't heard much from us lately, I just want to share what we are up to in the background:

Debbie had a great meeting with Senator Nelson's office last week. They really seem interested in our cause to amend statute 768.21 - section 8, Florida's Free Kill law. As a state Senator, he can be a powerful influencer so lets keep our fingers crossed. We are feeling good also because they have agreed to a second meeting to talk even more.

Additionally three more Florida Senators have agreed to meet with us. We will up date you post meeting as to the results of our conversations.

We are pricing out billboards and once we have raised enough money (they run about $1,500 per month) we plan to rent our first one in Florida's capital, Tallahassee, so it is visible to House Representatives and Senators. We hope to have this in place this before the next time they go into session. We have bought an appropriate URL to redirect to our site. The billboard will kept very simple and bold, saying this or something similar to:

Are You a Florida Free Kill?

To learn more and help end free kill visit:

Can you just see it here? I can!

Our first fundraiser will be a quarter raffle, which Debbie will be arranging the event just as soon as we have our EIN number. We will make sure to invite you all!

In other news, Hayley Hassan has completed another paper examining free kill that extends from her original well crafted examination, that was published by the Baltimore School Law Review. It is not ready for the public eye quite yet, but once it is selected for publication will be widely available in law libraries and of course on our site.

If you haven't yet signed our new letter

to Senators and House Representatives

please sign here today.

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